September 16, 2013

Danish Wine Tasting

Happy Monday everyone!
It has been a while I know and I feel bad. The past few days have been enormously long, filled with all kinds of events, homework, and fun. I'm still exhausted. I even dare to say on here that I went to bed by 9.30 last night and slept through till 7.30. I'm still yawning and cannot wait to go back to bed to get some sleep. It's needed. 

If the above photo doesn't look familiar...don't worry. It's form Solvang, CA, about 40 minutes from Santa Barbara (give or take). My friend had her Bachelorette Weekend there and well, yes, it was fun. I was dreading the weekend...six girls in one room that are all so very different from one another and already showed signs of huge disagreements weeks before the big event...I wasn't feeling it. However, it turned out better than imagined and I imagined the worse. So it was good. 

The wine of course...what can I say?! I'm glad I'm not allergic to it.

I blog-failed and didn't take as many photos as I should. Then again you would have seen me or my friends with wine glasses in our hands...I mean, just imagine it. ;)

As cute as Solvang can be it is also quite boring at night. However, there was this fun place we discovered and literally spent the entire night from 8 till 1-ish. It was quite the place to be. The bride-to-be had a blast, got a little more than just tipsy and needed a huge hangover breakfast the next day. Fun thing...whoever we saw that night in that bar we also saw at the breakfast place. It was like "hold on, didn't we dance together yesterday? Or saw you shake something wildly last night?!" - needless to say we all had our sunglasses on and pretty much kept them on all morning long. :) I spare you with detailed photos and info's. ;)

Loved my free shots...that was about all I drank, besides the wine of course!

I'm still so exhausted...because well, driving from Orange County to Solvang isn't just around the corner...and it didn't matter that we stayed a night...the drive itself is just so darn long. However, again, I think we all enjoyed out time and that's what counts. The bride-to-be is still embarrassed from all our stories because apparently someone cannot remember everything that had happened. Score! ;)

Have a fantastic start into this week.
It will a busy but a good one. :)


P.s. Linking up with Leeann over at Join The Gossip and her weekly Monday Morning Gossip where any topic goes!!! Thanks Leeann for having such a fun linkup!



Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I wanna go!! I've only been to Solvang once when I was like 10. I need to go back for wine fun :)

Thanks for linking up!

Ashley said...

ah yes, Solvang :) and you know, you weren't far from Michael Jackson's Neverland.

Amy Powell said...

well besides being tired, sounds like a great weekend!! I still have never done a wine tasting.... I have to get on that.


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