January 30, 2014

Football - QOTD #16


“In football everything is complicated by the presence of the opposite team.”
  - Jean-Paul Sartre


Football in Sartre's view was probably soccer but nonetheless it is sports.
 Are you watching the game Sunday?! Or are you just fed up with all the drama lately?
As for me. I am a traditionalist and I love cultural events. Yes, I just said that football, or the Superbowl itself, is a cultural event. We can argue about this later. I love watching sports. I am not so much into football but hey, if it's Superbowl time I am all for it. Even though this year....my teams are all out. BOO. It's still a day to eat, drink, watch, and discuss...oh yeah, and even watch the commercials. :) Of course!!!!

I will be watching...I am not sure yet where.
I might stay home, or go over to my favorite person.
We shall see what Sunday has to offer...as long as I get to watch the commercials I will be fine. Oh yes, the final score may be important, too. ;)

Happy Thursday...and happy early weekend my lovelies!!!


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