January 13, 2014



Since Thursday literally our household has been sick.
First it was one person for two full days.
Then Friday night I felt something arrive...
...and Saturday it was me. All day long.
Then Saturday night and Sunday...and today...it's pretty much the rest.
However, we are young and we can handle this.
It's just no fun.
So, needless to say this weekend has been a lazy one.
A lazy weekend with lots of fluids, lots of sneezing, and extreme coughing, and well, yes, running to the bathroom too. YAY. You are welcome for the visual. :)

Let's hope this flu/cold/nerve-wrecking-whatever-we-have goes away soon.

One more week until school starts again...ugh, gotta make the most of it...fast!!

How was your Monday?
Hope it's been better than my coughing Golden Globes' Monday (yes, I watched it again today...less blurry eyed and red nosed).


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Ashley said...

Everyone is sick! Somehow I escaped it...for now :) Feel better!!!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Yuck, everyone is getting sick! Feel better soon!

Unknown said...

Oh no! Hope everyone in your house feels better soon :(

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Oh no! I hope you're starting to feel better! Being sick stinks :(

Thanks for linking up!


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