January 31, 2014

Rainy Days


I had a little gluten problem.
So much for feeling better and being more optimistic with this whole gluten free thing.
I failed and I have been sick for two days now. 

It has cooled down in Southern California and it has been gorgeous.
I went out for the first time today...just one hour.
It's chilly, windy, and gray. I hope it will rain soon because well, it is needed.

How's your Friday?!

Being sick has its advantages...I can read books, drink lots of tea and enjoy possible rain.
Oh and I can finally catch up on my favorite TV shows.
Revenge, Revolution. PLL, HIMYM, and The Vampire Diaries.
There's more but a sick girl can only watch so much.



Monic Sutter said...

oh selma im sorry ! I had tried to do gluten and dairy free for a while but now i just dont eat heavy wheat products like wheat bread and completly cut out regular milk and switced to the lactaid brand and it helped me a lot =) feel better

ur blog buddy
Simply Sutter

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'm so glad it rained! We need more!


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