January 28, 2014

My Life with Food

I love food.

I think any normal human being loves food - some more than others, but yes, food is fantastic.

Unfortunately, as some of you remember I had to go gluten free. It's been now a full year that I started watching my diet and became gluten free. It is a process and it's still going. Some people think it's like any other diet and then you suddenly stop. Nope. It continues...forever. Literally. So, last year when I started teaching my body to get used to new bread (hello Udi's), new cereal (bye bye Frosted Flakes), different sauces, dips, dressings, and what not I had to teach myself to accept that I am now going to be a little difficult for a few months.

I shared a few things with you last year and then couldn't blog often enough to let you know how I was doing, or still am doing. To sum it all up: I'm doing fabulous. I have accepted my so-called diet, and accepted the fact that people will laugh at me and make life challenging. I have learned to substitute items and my gut has reacted nicely to all changes. I also experienced improvements in my skin complexion, my weight (hello, I lost weight!), my former hair issues, my dizziness, my foggy mornings and what not. I am experiencing major changes. It's been fabulous so far.


There are times I feel like a freak asking for a gluten free menu or making sure ahead of time that the restaurant we are going to offers something gluten free. I just feel awkward. I'm sure this feeling goes away. I can no longer just go out and quickly grab a bite somewhere. I can not just go out to the beach, and feel hungry in between and go to a place that sells sandwiches. I have to add another trip to another place that offers something for my sad gut. It's okay but it's not easy and it's not easy on my friends either. Some understand, some simply don't. My roommate has started to use gluten free pasta when she cooks pasta for all of us. I love her for that. Also, over Christmas when I went out for dinner with my favorite person, his family called the restaurant ahead of time to make sure they have a gluten free menu. I felt so special. That much I have to admit. 

Do I wonder how I manage all of this? Yes.
Do I want to ignore it all and eat whatever my heart desires? Yes.
Will I do it? No, even though I am tempted - very tempted.
Why not? Because it has changed the way I feel, physically and mentally. That means a lot to me.


If you were wondering or hoping that I'd be posting recipes on here then I think I will disappoint you. Well, let's put it that way. I have never fully done this...so maybe I will one day. I'd love to share what I came up with. You'd be surprised. It is very boring and very simple. 

Though, if you have any questions or suggestions on what to write about this lovely diet of mine...let me know. :) I'm more than happy to share my ups and downs...and believe me, there are still downs...all the time. Grrrrr....

I really want pancakes now...because I haven't found the good gf pancakes yet.

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