November 12, 2014

Time to be Christmas Creative

Christmas has always been a big deal in my family. I grew up in a culturally mixed family though. I grew up learning what it meant to be Catholic, Muslim, and even Jewish. Yes, believe it or not. It is not something we would talk about but something we just knew and accepted. My grandfather didn't fully know what to believe in, so he made sure we all grew up open-minded, tolerant, and not tight to just one thing. You can call me or my family crazy. Today, I love the holiday season. I love it mainly because to me it means to get together with family and celebrate life. It is not about what was once written down, said, believed, celebrated and what not. This is all good, it is not me. To me, the holiday time {especially during the winter months} is a time for families. 

Also, it is time to be creative and enjoy seasonal traditions.
Christmas cookies have always been my favorite. Swiss Christmas cookies are definitely my favorites. Unfortunately I will not go home this holiday and I will miss out on all those yummy sugar treats. My gut will love me for that because they are all made out of regular wheat flour and that will hurt my tummy big time. Yet, a girl can dream. Right? 

Cookies aren't everything though. The sheer happiness I feel when I put together holiday decoration is something I cannot describe. Going out and looking for the right colors, shapes, and lights makes me warm and fuzzy. Wish we had more space to put stuff up this year. However, we both agreed on enjoying what we can put up even if it less and once we have more space we will go out and crazy with decorations. Here's a few ideas I came across or actually always wanted to do.   


Gifts should be wrapped. This year I want it all simple yet colorful and with a touch of gold. I'm a little obsessed with gold lately. Not sure what hit me but it could be that the super girlie in me appeared and decided to stay. I am not complaining. So, simple, unique, colorful wrapping will be done this holiday season...what do you think?

I am planning on being creative for Christmas. Are you getting ready for this holiday season?
What are you planning on doing differently? Me? Just the wrapping. Also, I had to put together a Christmas wish list for the first time ever. I had never done that before. I felt I was demanding, haha. Let's see what I get this year. But I better be getting my shopping done soon. I cannot come up with gifts, even when there is a list in front of me. It just feels weird. 

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Mree said...

I too love the Holiday season. I'm putting my tree up next weekend!! I'm traveling soon so I decide to put it up early. More weeks to enjoy it. I even have started listening to Christmas music!!

Meghan said...

I am nowhere near ready for Christmas, but I would like to take more time to do things like make cookies and wrap gifts - I usually just throw stuff in gift bags!

amanda @ as the wine cork turns said...

these are all so cute and i love the gold glitter!

Ashley said...

Ummm, Selma, you live in the States must be Thanksgiving creative before you're Christmas creative!


Sierra said...

You are making me excited for Christmas! Ironically I just bought some Christmas goodies today and my paper looks similar to your glitter paper...except no glitter but the same brown paper look. ;) I love the simplicity of these pictures for decorating and I hope you get some yummy cookies or make them!

Krysten Quiles said...

I am so excited for Christmas decor. We usually put it up on Thanksgiving but I don't know if I can wait!

Allison said...

I love the holidays - no matter what they are. I also grew up in a religiously diverse family, so we were also very tolerant and observant of a lot of different traditions and holidays. I cannot WAIT to make cookies! This post just got me so giddy for the holidays.


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