November 17, 2014

My Winter {Lust} Wishlist

winter lust list

I am excited to announce that I am featured over at Monday Morning Gossip today! Be sure to stop by at Leeann and Kimberlee's weekly link up and join the fun.

The holidays are literally and officially around the corner. Thanksgiving is in ten days, guys, and then baaaammm, December with its festivities begins. Thanksgiving this year will be a sad event for us. Our plans to spend it with family collapsed. Main reason?! Work. That is all I am saying. I am beyond annoyed, and disappointed.

BUT, I have already started holiday shopping. Most gifts are already in my possession, just a few here and there need to be found, wrapped, packed and sent or at least put aside so I can put them under a big green and festively decorated tree once the time comes. Shhhh, Santa doesn't bring those gifts, you know?! It has always been me, no one else. Let's keep this to ourselves. 

This year my budget is pretty tight. I can't afford what I would love to buy and get my loved ones. However, I still don't want to sit back and wallow in self pity over the fact that my poor self cannot be generous. Who said generosity is about money?! Seriously. This does not prevent me from lusting over items I wish I owned. Besides, I have been sick for a while {hence my lack of blog posts lately}, mostly staying in bed or on the sofa sleeping or watching all kinds of TV shows. This is then the perfect time to start thinking of all those wonderful items I would love to own myself. Fingers crossed I get at least a toaster and my favorite perfume!

What is on your winter lust list?
Do you guys make gift lists?!
I had to do this for the first time and oh boy was that hard.



Joey said...

Because this year has been so rough for my entire family, I think I'm either going to write a news article or poem and frame it (about our family) and give it to each of my siblings/parents/aunts, etc. It's a cheap idea, but at least still meaningful. Our budget is hugely tight this year, too, but I don't want to show up empty handed! I loooooove all the things on your wishlist! The husband surprised me last year with an iPad and it was the best ever!

Mree said...

Thankfully, I don't have to buy gifts for many people so I should be able to stay on budget. Usually I buy one gift for you, two gifts for me but this year I'm trying not to. I'm saving for a trip next year.

Krysten Quiles said...

We only have a few people to buy gifts for but my parents are SO DIFFICULT!

Monic Sutter said...

the coffee press is something I have been wanting for a while now !
Simply Sutter

Christina said...

Ooh, I love that tote and toaster! We're about to go on vacation, so Jacob and I aren't doing gifts for each other this year. I'm totally fine with it. I'd rather have fun experiences than stuff any day. It doesn't stop me from having a wish list though! :)


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