November 6, 2014

How to Try to Avoid the Cold During the Colder Season

It's November and it will get colder. Yes, even in sunny California. We are spoiled and complain at 65 degrees that it is cold. I now. Depending on where one lives it will get colder than that, and yes, it will even snow. Colder temperatures, rain, wind, and snow can be uncomfortable. Experiencing dry skin, chipped lips, and an occasional cough or runny nose will feel and be part of our winter. Let's face it, we always get the cold. We may have gotten our flu shot {I'd recommend it, I got mine a few weeks ago}, and we may take care of ourselves but the moment will come and we will have a major love affair with one if not multiple tissue boxes.

There is no real way to stay healthy all the time. Our bodies work in different ways. Yet, we can try to stay healthy and pump our immune system without the daily pills we see in grocery or department stores.

A few tips on how to hopefully avoid the annually recurring winter cold: 

- sleep enough {at least six hours, if not longer...easier said than done I know, but try}
- drink lots of fluids {water, tea, and homemade clear soup}
- take a vitamin pill {this won't substitute the lack of fruits and veggies you should be consuming}
- drink one glass of freshly squeezed orange juice per day
- get the flu shot so a cold won't turn into the flu
- eat yogurt; it's a great immune booster
- enjoy raw veggies and dip instead of chips and salsa 
- while you are at it, eat more veggies that are in season {beets, Brussels sprouts, endive; here's a list}
- eat pumpkin anything: it is also a great immune booster
- get a lot of fresh air {my doctor once said that morning air and light is better than in the afternoon}
- try pomegranate and huckleberries {I know I will}
- exercise {I try to work out at least twice a week. Pilates and walks are a must, if I can add Zumba it's a bonus}
- bundle up. You may feel hot, and it may be sunny outside but don't forget to cover your chest and neck

These are just a few tips. There are many more and each person likes to do something else. These are my tips that I usually follow. Yes, usually. I often forget to make fresh orange juice, and right now I lack a juicer or one of those squeezer so it will be hard. Haha! Also, when it rains like no other I'd rather stay home. I'm that lazy.

Any tips you follow along through the colder season?
Anything I missed, or should incorporate or even add?
Let me know.


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Allison said...

I do a lot of hot water and lemon during the winter months - my mom drinks it every single day and rarely gets sick. It may be in my head, but I'm totally okay with that! I need to be healthier in the winter - I make a TON of soups... but also bake a lot because cold weather seems to be the perfect time to do a ton of baking. Definitely need to watch that!
This is a great list, and I'm also completely obsessed with that sweater in the picture!

Sierra said...

I've actually been cold in AZ lately, can you believe it? The good news is I've been wearing long leggings and light sweaters. yay. But the mornings are brrr!! Stay warm girl. I like your tips. I just had a glass of orange juice today too. Yum.


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