November 19, 2014

My Love for Influenster

If you have been around in this lovely blogger world you probably have heard or seen people posting about their boxes and goodies they received - for free. If not, you are now going to read about this awesomeness! I learned about Influenster over two years ago, signed up and was positively surprised to immediately become part of this wonderful community. I basically signed up, answered a few questions about myself, reviewed products I knew about and used, and within a few weeks was sent an email telling me I qualified for a free VoxBox. I was over the moon. I mean, who doesn't like free products?! Exactly.

Free products means one thing...try them, use them, and write about them. Share as much as you would like and be an influential person, or as I call it an Influenster. The more you do, the greater your chance of earning points and qualifying for a VoxBox that will work for you and your lifestyle. Also, honest reviews are the best. If you don't like a product say so and explain what didn't work and why. You don't want others to buy a product that smells nasty, doesn't work at all and just costs too much, do you?! Influenster is not just about receiving free products, it is about helping each other and being part of a community. There's Twitter chats and parties, as well as contests. It is a fun ride!!

My very first box I received was a Natural Beauty VoxBox. It fit perfectly. I still use the drying mat today, buy LypSyl from time to time and encourage people to try eBoost. My reviews even helped me receive more products. I probably saved a ton thanks to a few simple and honest reviews. A few months after that I received another VoxBox, and then another one, and then another one. It was and still is heaven. My latest VoxBox is probably my favorite; I also was sent more shampoo afterwards so that was fantastic. 

Influenster has now also an #InfluensterApp. Reading reviews, getting and giving feedback on products has now become so much easier.

Enough about Influenster. If you are not on there yet I'd recommend you get on that bandwagon and enjoy your ride in the community of trendsetters and consumers who live to give opinions of products and experiences. You won't be disappointed.

Are you on Influenster? If not, why not?! It doesn't cost a thing to join the fun!

1 comment :

Christina said...

I love Influenster, though it's been a while since I got a box. I'm probably not participating enough. I need to work on that! Thanks for this reminder!


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