January 12, 2015

My Love for the beach

This image pretty much sums up my feelings when it comes to the beach. It is my happy place. It is my place to recharge, relax, and find tranquility in this chaotic world we live in. Not everyone is as privileged to have a beach nearby. Since I moved I am not as fortunate to go to the beach. I miss it daily, especially during the summer. I never took it for granted but I also never fully took it seriously. The ocean and its beach were just there. Now they are not. 

I love the beach so much. It brings back peace to my busy life. I am not running around like a hamster but things happen in life. We work, we study, we read, we clean, we cook, we run errands, we help each other, and we try to breathe in between. We have friends, family, spouses, neighbors, and pets. Life can be hectic. When we least expect it we end up sick with a simple cold or even the flu. Our hectic lives are halted for a few days, yet our brains never stop to run. So, when I go to the beach and sit down in the soft and often warm sand I get a chance to relax. The air feels better. My mind stops running. I feel at peace. I am me again.

So, today I am going to the beach!
I don't care how cold or warm it is, I am going to walk on sand and listen to the waves. Last year just around the same time I did the same. It was a gray day but a beautiful one, just perfect for a walk on the beach. Can you see the surfer in the back?! I believe I also had a bad hair day. Yet, it felt so good!

I'm so excited. Happy Beach Day.


Shannon Q. said...

Hope you have a great beach day! Where about in Northern Ca are you currently living?

Sara Strand said...

Yes. I am also all about the beach. But I'm a Pisces so I try to say it's clearly because of that. I'm very much a happy person next to water. Preferably water I can swim in. I live next to Lake Superior, which only morons would swim in because even at it's warmest, it's barely 40 degrees, so I don't love that beach. But my favorite beach EVER? Is Madeira Beach in Florida. It's near where I lived as a little kids, we honeymooned there, and we've gone twice with the kids. It's so clean and nice, and almost nobody is there. Someday we'll just vacation there for a week with the kids and call it good.

Ashley said...

I like the new layout :)

I have never taken the beach for granted! It was probably the number one thing I missed when living in the city!

Marie said...

I so love going to the beach!! I love that I live close to the beach but finding the time to go is another story.

Elisa @ Crazy, Amazing Life said...

oh, that's wonderful! I miss the beach so much. I grew up on an island, and the beach is definitely my happy place. I only get to go in summer, when I travel to Sardinia to visit my family. The rest of the year, I miss the beach terribly. have a wonderful time!


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