June 2, 2015

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday. I don't feel my age at all even though friends remind me that my clock is ticking. I don't know if I have to be happy or sad about this. Really. Either way, today is my day and I will make it my very best day. Last year I moved on my birthday and it felt awful. Luckily, we celebrated beforehand as part of a graduation/moving/birthday celebration.

I believe in celebrating life and birthdays are part of that celebration.

So today, I am going out and I am celebrating. I may even sneak in a cupcake or just a slice of pie even though I am on a no-sugar month food challenge. I do not care. It is okay to slip once, and when it is one's birthday it should be mandatory to cheat for once. Today is my day and I will make it a wonderful one. Mom would have loved seeing me go out, enjoy some sweets, walk around and love life. I wish she's be walking next to me and in a way she is. I know she is.

Happy Birthday to me, and thank you mom for teaching me to love life and believing in me. I miss you. I'll be drinking a glass in your honor, because well, my birthday in a way is always a day to celebrate you.


images via style me pretty and Jillian Harris 


Tobia Nooke said...

Wonderful words!
Happy Birthday.
Enjoy your day and do celebrate Life.

The Flynnigans said...

Happy birthday love!! Xoxo

Your Mom is definitely shining down on you! I hope you had a great day my friend.


Lindsay said...

Happy belated Birthday!! Hope your day was great!

Mree said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful day and some cake. You deserve it.

Marjan said...

I miss you and cannot wait to celebrate with you when you get here...although I am not sure how we can top your other birthday LOL


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