June 6, 2016

Weekly Hopes {45}

Back to regular scheduling...last week was an exception that my Weekly Hopes got posted a day and a half late but hey, life happens, holidays happen, and we are all humans. I'm sure no one was fully online that day anyways. At least not in my neck of the woods.

Last week was lovely. I celebrated my birthday, and tried to embrace each day to the fullest. I didn't do much as work didn't allow us to have much fun but we tried. We went to the local Zoo, enjoyed a fabulous lunch date, indulged in a relaxing massage and watched a ton of Game of Thrones {don't judge}. Oh yes, we also survived the heat. It's been scorching hot here and although we love it hot, this is too early and too hot. Cooling air and temps in general are much appreciated...hopefully this week. With this week in mind I better get started on my Weekly Hopes for this week.

1 - Cooler temperatures {low 90s or high 80s would be great!}
2 - Family gathering
3 - TV decisions...to cancel or not to cancel cable?! and when...what's next?
4 - Cancel a monthly subscription
5 - Freeze a monthly subscription
6 - Date day with a movie, maybe?
7 - Read up on some of my favorite blogs {yes I am very behind}
8 - Finish a book

This is it for this week. Yes, we got to cancel a few things. I am sick and tired of the amount of money we spend on cable so I suggested to cancel it and B was on board. Question now is when, and what will come next? We have Netflix and Amazon Prime, so we are covered there. But I love my morning and evening news, and I loved the Free On Demand Movie and TV features we have enjoyed so far {I DVRed shows too but sometimes they kept piling up and that to me was a sign we weren't into TV anymore}. So we have to figure out how to compensate or how to watch our beloved shows, plus we love HBO, History and Discovery Channel. Sometimes Netflix rocks my world but lately it's just blah, and so is Amazon Prime with its movie selections. Plus, do I really want to buy an episode? NO WAY. 

Anyway suggestions are very welcome!!
Help a girl out, will ya?! I'm so tired of all this stupid money spent for nothing.

Happy Monday my lovelies!!


1 comment :

The Flynnigans said...

We haven't had cable in 4 years. We just get unlimited bandwidth for Internet and watch everything online. We have Netflix and we have an android box and it's done us just fine. :)

Happy Tuesday love! Xo


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