June 13, 2016

Weekly Hopes {46}

Good morning my lovely readers. The weekend is over, and a new day and new week is upon us. What are your plans this week? Survive the work week? Rest up? Play with your children? Travel? Whatever you decide to do make it count and find time to spend for yourself, and yourself only!!

Here's to a fabulous week...let's see what this week has in store for me {or I hope to accomplish}:

1 - Bake a pie
2 - A morning massage {never had one in the morning so I'm super stoked}
3 - Getting a few very important things worked on
4 - Recycle our bottles to get some extra $$$
5 - Celebrate B's last week in one of his evening classes {finally!!}
6 - Apply some more
7 - Mail out a few things
8 - Have one dress hemmed
9 - Cook something new for dinner
10 - Feeling mentally better

Physically I am okay. I'm not 100% but I am okay. The immense pain I felt months ago, the agonizing and excruciating pain on my neck, shoulder or back is pretty much gone. Occasionally I feel it and it bugs me but knowing it is a pissed off muscle, a muscle I twisted and used wrong due to bad posture and the bad way I sit at times...it does not scare me one bit anymore. Ok, I lied. I still scares me because it hurts but I am okay with that tiny ache...it's what it is.
Mentally, well I am sort of okay. People ask me if I am okay and yes I am. However, there are always those moments that bring back a memory, or a moment of silence that reminds me of something or a photo or a film or tv show and then I feel lost. I feel lonely, sad, left alone and what not. Crazy. It's the sad feeling that makes me feel I am alone in this. Stupid I know, because I am not. Yet, it's what it is and how I feel and I am working very hard on not feeling that way, and not feeling that way all the time. Progress...lots of progress...but I'm not 100%. This week, I'm working hard on feeling 90% better. Almost there. Almost!!!

Yup, this will be a tough week but a good one. One day at a time, one step towards a better and a happier me. Wish me luck!


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