June 27, 2016

Weekly Hopes {48}

June is definitely my month. Yet lately I feel it isn't. I haven't given up and I certainly have not lost fate. I am a June baby and I believe in this month. I have had a few setbacks and it crumbled my positive vibes and hopes but again, I won't give up. Last week was yet another example of a negative week and blogging wasn't on my mind. I'm astonished I was able to write two posts. I had two more written but couldn't finish them up so here I am again, making sure this week will be a lot better. Fingers crossed!!

This week's Weekly Hopes consists of...

1 - Finding a new doctor and kicking ass at doing it {long story!}
2 - Sending out a big order
3 - Attending an online class for five days; all about Essential Oils {gotta educate yourself daily!}
4 - Finishing up Season 5 of Game of Thrones {I didn't last week...oops!}
5 - Date day on Thursday
6 - A trip to the lake
7 - Bake my peach blueberry pie or cake again!
8 - Walk more!
9 - Figure out a few things about my status
10 - Hoping for people to accept and love each other for who they are. It's a terrible world we live in.

Well, if you follow the news {and even if not} I am sure you've heard of Brexit. A funny word. What can I say?! I have mixed feelings about this whole thing. I'm very neutral, as a Swiss girl I think I always will be. 

Yet, for 1) it's not the end of the world that they are leaving the EU {hear me out!}. Personally, the EU is a good idea if we were in the year 1770. Or a bit later or earlier than that. The idea that was formed many decades ago and put to reality in 2001/2002 is based on the idea of having a European Union just like the United States of America. That being said, the US was formed many many years ago at a time when that was somewhat possible {yes, with consequences and war and all that history}. Europe was established already. You can't force nations who yes, have had their own problems, to leave their own rules/laws/morals/life/culture in a way behind and follow new rules/laws/morals/life/culture out of nowhere. Granted it took years and a lot of thinking and a lot of discussions but heck, as much as we all crave change at times, that is a huge change. Yes, Europe got hit hard during WWII and we all know why. Looking at it now...the man I won't name wanted to have a united Europe too...he called it differently but look at it...it's the same principle. NOW, there's always one or two countries that say NO. Switzerland is one of them. And yes, I voted not to be part of a European Union. I voted to live and be part of a country that keeps its freedom, its everything. Whatever that may be...but I didn't want to have my country change and follow rules made up by other nations who think their way is the best way. Has it ruined the country by not joining? No. It actually made it stronger. Yes, it pays the EU money but not as much as the EU members have to. That, has ruined those countries. Besides, the constant fights over who gets to be added to the EU or not is ridiculous. AND, the EU, like every western region, wants to be democratic. Democracy is important. Yes it is. Yet, there are leaders who will not follow that principle and do as they please. Yes, even today. They won't ask their people on a subject and just act upon it, or heck, force everyone to go with whatever they think is best. I am sorry, that is not a democracy. That should not even be called a Union. There's more but I leave it at this very superficial and quick rant... 
That being said 2) I do NOT LIKE why people voted for an exit. Fear, miscommunication, misunderstandings and what not caused people to vote out and not think. They didn't necessarily vote to be independent {besides, certain areas of the UK did vote to stay in..., so it is a divided country at the moment}. They voted out so they could keep "certain people" out, people who have shaped their country, helped it grow and develop. I fear for my dear friends and relatives who have lived there many many years and are now looked at as dirty foreigners who are no good, anymore. They were praised earlier and now....well, while some are open-minded and educated enough to appreciate "foreign" people in their country, others are not and start to hate even more.

In short, I welcome the Brexit because I don't like the idea of the EU in today's time BUT I condemn the reasons most people chose to vote in the first place. See? It's a crazy world and it won't get better unless we learn to accept and appreciate each other for who we are and what we can do for one another. Mixing nations is one thing...it opens our views, makes us eat different food and learn from one another. It's amazing how much we can benefit just by sitting together at a table and looking at each other's ways of eating dinner; or simple hand gestures, movements...we are all different but exactly that makes this world so fascinating and beautiful. I love the Mexican restaurant around the corner that is always packed, and the Turkish restaurant down the street who offers such authentic food it amazes me every time. I also love the Thai place downtown making you believe you are in Thailand, and the French bistro a few corners from that special Thai place. And if I feel like eating Sauerkraut and Bratwurst I head on over to the international market offering just that, and there I buy another sausage from Poland that I so love. IF we didn't mix, if we weren't open to change and to welcoming foreign people into our worlds and countries we would never know what I just described. Thai and Sauerkraut would be two were weird words, and Turkish would probably challenge your mind to see some camel and a tent {which by the way is oh so wrong!!!!}. 

History unfortunately repeats itself...and I fear for our future; no matter where we live...I fear for it to get more mad and anti-everything to the point that we will simply hate each other in the long run.

Rant over. Excuse the superficiality but these are my thoughts, my opinions for the past thirty plus years. Love one another, don't hate, and don't discriminate. 

Happy Monday everyone; that is if you made it this far down.


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