June 29, 2016

Reverse Your Routine With Tresemmé

Washing and treating my hair is important to me. I don't wash my hair every day, and I try to use as little chemical product as even possible on it as well. My hair is part of me so it's natural to want it to look and feel healthy. I even switch up my shampoos. Once a bottle is done, I choose another brand. I don't stick to just one. I know which brand works well and which one doesn't work well on my thin hair. Changing my routine is also part of how I treat my lovely hair. 

When I first heard about Reverse Your Routine by Tresemmé I wasn't sure. I didn't read what made it so special. So when I first got it I realized that it is exactly what it is...it is your daily hair cleansing routine just in reserve. You don't wash it and then condition it. You condition your hair first, and then you wash it with shampoo. Very easy. Very okay to try, too.

I have to say after having used this product for over three weeks I can officially say I like it a lot. It's easy to use as the conditioner comes with a pump. The shampoo smells delicious and every time I use it I feel like I am about to walk on the beach. My hair feels smoother when I rinse it, and when I brush it I don't get knots or don't have issues whatsoever. I really like it.  

Would I buy this product in the future?
Yes. Tresemmé has never disappointed me in the past. I'm hoping by then there will be something available in the Reverse Your Routine department that strengthens thin hair even more. :) It still leaves my hair feel thicker than normal but not as strong, yet, that doesn't stop me from loving this product!! 
Have you tried these two awesome bottles yet?!

Disclaimer: I received these items complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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