June 16, 2016

Dear Mom...

Dear Mom,

Hi. We miss you, you know. There's so much I want to tell you but I am sure you already know. It's weird not being able to hear your voice or receive your funky comments. Yes, I know, I complained about them but let's be honest, some of your comments were unnecessary and you even admitted that much. It's the little things we miss. Like, I really would love to know how you made those cheese pastries. I could look it up but it wouldn't be the same. It would come from you and now it comes from the internet or a book. 

What I really wanted to tell you though is this: besides missing you a ton {and I am sure I am not the only one} I am actually really glad you are not around anymore to see all this turmoil, this sadness, this political drama, and the nonsense we live in. As much as I want you to be here I am happy you don't see any of this. Well, you may have seen it but since you're far far away it doesn't affect you as much as it affects us. Maybe you are hugging me right now and if you are, thank you. I felt a chill and whether this was you or just me getting chills, I want you to know that it is okay. Everything you did to me is okay. You did it out of love. You did it because that was the only way you knew. You did it because you did not want to be alone. You did it purely out of love. And it is okay. I get it. 

So, thank you for the hug, for everything you did for me and for everything you did against me. Enjoy it where you are. You're better off there, all quiet, full of harmony and peace. One year ago we celebrated you and said our good-byes to you. It was quiet, peaceful and full of love. I can still smell the flowers, and I hope you can too. We miss you. We think of you. We love you.

Wherever you are we are sending you hugs, love, and sunflowers your way!



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