June 28, 2009

Happy Weekend

I had an amazing Saturday!
The city's annual old town festival was the major factor bringing us all joy and happiness. There's this big argument about its name though. I still call it old town festival, others may call it differently since its whole "theme" changed this year. However, its major highlights like all the live music performed and food stands etc are still in the old town and since it's always been the old town festival I continue calling it that way. That's just me.
As mentioned it's been great...I listened to my favorite Swiss artists, ate good and unhealthy food, drank fun and very gross looking stuff with my oldest friend and ended up going home around 2.30am I believe. Lost track of time. It was fun. It was a long day. It was all worth it. Even the rain that tried to screw things with us didn't ruin anything. The rain left and the sun came out making our faces look red (or was it the wine associated with the whole party?! - who knows). It was a memorable day!

Having finally time to catch up on some blog reading I came across "Rules to live by+Life etiquette", the title of Just a Girl in a City's blog. Trying to follow these so-called rules. At least for the next couple of summer-like days!

Hope your weekend is fantastic!
Mine sure was, well, still is...I'm heading out today, going to a friend's house so we can start talking about our upcoming Barcelona trip. I'm so excited.

And...besides festivities and blogs and Barcelona...I'm also trying to change my blog's layout a bit...haven't figured it all out yet. I'm just way too lazy at times to sit down and work on it...It seems as if I'm just writing about it...typical!

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Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Hope you have a great afternoon getting excited about Barcelona!


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