June 23, 2009


It's getting nicer out there. At least when I look at the weather. At work, it's pretty much the same tense situation although the manipulative one is gone for two weeks. Just knowing what happened makes me so furious. Though, I won't write about this now. I won't write about anything now. It's Wednesday and I wanted to share some pictures...random stuff...nothing special.

Italian candy (super addictive) we have displayed on our counter. It's not the best shot but its colorful power is overwhelming...you just want to dive into this sugarland.

French "five o'clock tea" specials (a gift from my mom's trip to France)...deliciously good-looking and trust me when I say you want to have these for breakfast, lunch and dinner...and sometimes in between as snacks, too.

Easter Egg sugar stuff left over from this year's Easter I guess. They won't go bad but they looked so sad, so I chose to took a different shot here. It sort of looks like I painted this. Nice.

Have a terrific day!

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