June 29, 2009

Better Days

Monday, and the week can start again. I have to say I am definitely to over 150% relieved. Last night I received an e-mail that absolutely took all the pressure and concern away and let me be and feel more positive. For the last couple of two if not more weeks I had had trouble reaching a friend of mine. Not knowing whether she's save or already back in Los Angeles or stuck somewhere in between Tehran and London or whoknowswhere...I just was hoping she was alright. The fun part was that I received one of those silly mass e-mails that you "must send on" in order for your dreams and wishes to come true, etc. So, I got one of those and not being a believer of such messages but liking the message itself and its words of wisdom I thought it was well-worth sending the message out so people would get inspired. My wish came true. I had to laugh when I got her message. Well, first of I was happy to hear from her after a long time (needless to say, she's back in L.A. save and sound, but extremely exhausted and frustrated), and second I just had to laugh because as a non-believer in such e-mails it sure worked. All I can say is Thank You. Really. Now, I can sleep tight again and continue living life as it all comes along.

My plans for today are:

#1 Going out in a few minutes so I get to enjoy some sun & fresh air.
#2 Grocery shopping is a must today.
#3 I need a new book. Any suggestions?!
#4 Wearing light clothes with feel-good fabrics so I will definitely feel
absolutely gorgeous while walking around in this (wonderful) heat!! This is something to look forward to, how silly.
#5 My iPod is ready again...time to walk around and dance to some music...local artists are the best anyway. Check out www.sevensoul.ch
#6 Buying a Barcelona map, one that doesn't break apart.
#7 It's Monday...either movie or TV night. I think I'll go for the latter one. Cheaper!

And yes, I think this is pretty much it. Seven things to look forward to today. Can't wait. Oh, did I mention it's my day off?! What better way to start the week, huh?!

Have an absolutely perfect day!


Carol said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!

Carrie said...

In answer to #3: Whitney over at "a cheery disposition" is starting up a book club. If you're interested, you can find the link to her blog on mine. (Left side.)

Have a great day!

Selma said...

Thanks Carrie. Will definitely take a look into this. :D


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