June 18, 2009

And Round And Round It Goes

For some unknown reason my head is spinning and it won't stop. It's been incredibly hot lately and even though I love the heat (oh yes, I really do love it when it's sizzling hot outside) I can't stand it at this very moment. Maybe it's because my head feels like a big and heavy stone set onto my neck and the air around me seems to be just sticky and not going anywhere. I am stuck at work I have to say and working in a building that's definitely older than 300 years doesn't make it easier when it comes to temperatures in the high 80s and even 90s (which is not really that hot but very uncommon for this area). Did I mention we have NO air conditioning? I forgot? Oops! The table fan I have staring at me for the past five hours isn't on either. I could turn it on but I won't. Why the hell not?? It'll just blow the already warm air around and no cooling would occur. Things would get messy on my already cluttered desk, and I know that fans (as well as those lovely AC's) make my throat sick and my voice disappear for a couple of days. Has happened before and I won't allow it because I need my voice. It needs to be heard, at least while I'm at work. So, with that said I know that all I can do is wait until I can enjoy fresh air on my way home. Lots of fluids and some tiny breaks to catch at least some fresh air is gonna keep me standing, sitting and walking straight - at least for the next three hours!!

Happy Thursday!

P.s. Credit for this lovely picture goes to findstuff22 on photobucket...as always...great work!

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