June 19, 2009

Future, Day 1

So, what's it gonna be like? Your weekend? Any plans?!
Whatever you are doing I hope you are enjoying every single bit of it.
I'm gonna be working. Luckily only on Saturday, and then I get Sunday off. Nice. I wasn't expecting this. I was fully prepared to go to work for the next twelve days. I was ready, even though I dreaded it. My mind went blank but I was ready. I'm ready for a tiny break, too. So be it! Let me have a day off, relax, and pamper myself, maybe go out for dinner and then return fully charged (as much as you can get by having only one day off) to work. Let's see what that's like.

Reading what I just wrote above shows that I'm in desperate need of a time-out. God, I thought I was able to work through, at least for three months without a full week off but I simply can't. This job makes me sick. I love it, but it's not forever and it's certainly not going to be THE job since it sickens me. I don't like being sick (who does?). A job or any kind of work for that matter should be something you can be proud of and happy about. I'm neither at the moment. I love putting out clothes for work and experiment with new stuff so the casual wardrobe of mine can be fixed up to something more fancy. So far, I've done quite a good job but besides the happiness that occurs every time I put out a new top and combine it with a shirt or skirt and think "hey, this looks amazing!" ...besides this little thrill each night before I go to bed I know I have to start to look for something else less sickening. Sounds horrible. Sounds scary, too. The future's always the next day someone I knew used to say. It's true. The future is not just next year or in five years it's tomorrow, heck in one hour or even minute! We tend to look way too far and don't see what's in front of us. But I digress and will pick this topic for later discussions. As for now, I know I need a break. I'll have one in exactly one month! Can't wait.
Barcelona will be a blast. I'm sure that my friend S. and I will have a ton of fun eating great food, discovering awesome shops and boutiques, enjoying beautiful art and historical buildings. Not to mention the looks on our faces when we see hot Spanish guys walking by...yeah....it never hurts to look. Never! Future here we come...

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