August 24, 2010

Thank you

It's not secret that I'm having rather an awful month.
Not sure what October will bring, and literally thinking about it makes me shiver.
However, I'm determined that I'll find a way and that this will happen once it happens and just thinking about it now is not doing me any good so I won't. It is August now, and I still have some time.

I've had a rough start sore throat wasn't gone this morning and getting ready at 5 in the freakin' morning didn't even help. Wasn't even sure what to wear today because it was said to be gross and wet and even though it rained it was hot! So, anyways...I went to work, and the second I walked in I wanted to walk out again. People don't know the words organization or team work at all. Pretty frustrating. So, needless to say my first hour at work was awful...had to work on so many mistakes others made and find ways to make it all look perfect so no one would detect anything. My sore throat in full bloom...had almost no voice at all, and if I didn't have to talk I wouldn't really mind but my job requires tons of talking. Thank you. Had to make a list listing things that went wrong and needed to be fixed or at least finally *and hopefully FINALLY* be known or understood so mistakes won't happen. I felt like a school teacher grading my co-workers. Hello, open your eyes. Anyways...things from there on seemed was okay and everything seemed on my side except for my sore throat and voice and all. Went home after work, wanted to relax and all...just needed a nap. However, the second I got home and checked my mailbox..Awesomeness right in front of my eyes! 

I received a very belated birthday gift from my dear friend A. I couldn't and still can't stop smiling. Got the measuring spoons I forgot to order and couldn't find anywhere over here, got an amazing new T-shirt I'm going to be wearing as often as even possible because it's got three things on it I love (cheery blossoms, pink color, and Philadelphia written on it), a DVD (one that just came out last week and I was bummed that I had to wait at least four more month till it would hit stores over here), and a self made CD. Simple things, but these just made my day today!!! :) Can you see me smile?!!!


Today started awful but it sure ended awesome!

Happy Tuesday everyone.


♥ Selma ♥


Aunt of 14 said...

Selma... Selma... October is two months away. I am sure October will be MUCH better than this month of August has been. :)

Sam said...

I'm sorry if this is a really silly comment. I feel like I should know, but I don't... What's supposed to happen in October? Don't feel obligated to share if you don't want to. Sorry I haven't been keeping up! :(

Nonetheless, I hope September is a better month for you! I love new months -- always a chance to start fresh, girl! :)

Jenni said...

October will be awesome because im getting married!!! EEK!!!!!
haha, So glad you got so many special goodies!!! You should put those spoons to work, bake some cookies and settle in on the couch to watch that movie and munch away!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

You never know! September may be better than you expect!

Jess said...

Sorry to hear that things have been so rough! Glad that your friend's sweet gift cheered you up :) Hope the rest of the week is better!

samnhal said...

I love kitchen gadgets. We have awesome measuring spoons that are magnetic so you don't loose them, I love them. Work can just be super lame sometimes. I hate feeling like I'm the boss when I'm not exactly in a boss position because I need to point out something they're doing wrong. It makes things awkward, and I'm awkward enough on my own! That's awesome your package came, sounds like it came at the right time!

Meghan said...

Keep smiling! We're all here for you when things get tough!


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