August 4, 2010


Summer has its own little temper.
We had been waiting so long for it to come, and then bang it's here...full force, lots of heat and lots of sunshine. And then bang, it's cold again...lots of rain, lots of wind and thunder. :(

However, it's slowly beginning to look pretty I'm hoping for a great rest of this summer. :) Kids over here have to return to school in either one week or in two weeks. So, summer for them officially will be over. For me, it lasts til mid-September if the weather works with us. Let's hope so.

Right now it's raining. Looking out my window it doesn't look promising at all.
However, I'm trying to stay here's some positive pictures...full of summer feelings. :)

all via

Have a fabulous day. 
I'm going to enjoy mine.
See? Trying sooooo hard to stay positive!
I'm going to dress up, put some cute make-up on, be girlie, and ignore arrogance, rudeness, and negativity around me.

Is that a plan?!
Yes it is.
A fantastic one.

♥ Selma ♥


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great plan! I don't want summer to be over yet, I'm not ready!!!

Krystal said...

thanks for your nice comment!!
i also love summer, for real, especially this year for some reason - I don't want it to leave :( thanks for the pics! (it's also rainy and kind of chilly here :()

Krystal said...

I recognized Lugano and Montreux, right?? Maybe not montreux...where are you from???

samnhal said...

That's totally a great plan! Then maybe if you're in a happy mood it will help those mean people get in happy moods too. I love those pictures. It's been hot here, but some monsoons have begun to hit so we've been having lots of thunderstorms without much rain which is awesome, although I wish it would cool things down just a bit.

Mara said...

summer is finally here too! It's been so hot and I'm just dying to get to the beach. Hope you have a great day Selma :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Summer is great! Have a great weekend!


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