September 9, 2011


I have to admit I am not entirely happy it is Friday. Yes, there I said it. I chose today to work on my English paper and it seems to go nowhere. I have no idea how to start that crappy thing, and it is due next week. Not the entire paper but just the beginning of it but if the beginning fails to even stimulate my teacher's approval somewhere down the line I will fail later on. least it's not math!!

Anyhow, since pretty much Tuesday I've been working on getting better. Yes, I have been sick. Not sure why but yes, the bathroom and I are very close friends now. It's that kind of sick you get out of nowhere and don't know where it went when it's gone.

And if you follow the news...southern California (thankfully not all of it) had some fun power outage yesterday. I was home most of the day sleeping, doing homework, relaxing and all. I initially wanted to get some fresh air later on that day when the temps cooled down a little, but nope I had to go out earlier. The phone rang and we were told to pick up my friend's brother because his classes got all canceled due to no power. Hmmmm. We thought it was a joke but apparently not. So we drove and what normally is a ten-minute drive, or a five-minute drive from the exit we would take to the school...turned out to be a 40-minute turn/drive. People went nuts. Apparently some people don't know how to drive when it comes to using lights as stop signs. PLUS, why the heck did people get so upset over nothing!!! It's just power that's out. You are still alive, breathing, driving and picking up not yell at me, or my friend, or anyone else for that matter. Do not tell us how to drive because clearly we can't move anymore since there's a car in front of us and hello?!, even if you could drive/pass us you would not be going anywhere either. YOU ARE STUCK.
Yes, we had some weird people yelling at us and pointing fingers and such. Not the most pleasant one. We ignored those for most part until it got nasty so we returned the favor. And for the record, we were not blocking the street or intersection. Just saying.

Luckily when we got home we still had power, so we really practically lived at the borderline of that power drama. 

And to make this week fun and positive, rather than aggressive and dull...I am in love with two things this week:

Do I need to say more? Clearly NOT.

And the following product:

I am clearly in heaven whenever I use this!!
Never thought I'd be so happy using a product but I am. 
That's pretty much everything for this week.
It's been a hectic one, and a long one. I blame it on the long weekend we had last week and the fact that I got sick some time this earlier this week. Still recovering, still working, still breathing and all this with electricity!!! 

Hope you are having a fabulous Friday and a fantastic weekend!!


Al said...

Sorry you have been sick, pretty girl. Never any fun...And I must write you an email soon and fill you in on all the places I've been that you recommended. Getting ready to move to Camlica, Uskudar,or Kadikoy soon, closer to our new work places. We'll see what we can find...

Oh - and YESSSSSS for the pumpkin spice latte! Atleast SOME things stay the same in Turkey!

Feel better, sweetie...

Miz said...

Oh my gosh!!! You just had to make my tummy roll over with the picture of that latte, huh? I would give anything to have one right now!!
And yeah, I am sure when you shower using that you truly are transported to somewhere beautiful. I would go look for it in our malls over here (Nigeria).
So sorry you've been ill. Feel better, ok?
Nice blog you've got. Now following

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry you have been sick - feel better!

Meghan said...

I hope you feel better AND hope that you finish your paper successfully! I will be thinking of you, girl!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh I bet that stuff smells so good! Feel better and hope there's no more power outages!

Anonymous said...

Aw it sucks to have to work on a friday but at least you got a few things done. Starbucks is awesome!

By the way, I passed an award you to you :)!

Punctuation Mark said...

so sorry you're been sick... hope you're feeling much better and able to enjoy the weekend!

Claire said...

i swear people change into monsters when they get behind a wheel. I got stuck in a 5 hr traffic jam the other day and if i didnt move to almost touching the car in front of me people behind would try to overtake and get in the gap that clearly a dinky toy would not fit in. Like that one car space will make a difference to your 5 hr wait.

Ashley said...

Pumpkin Spice Lattes, YES!

Yeahhhh, people went crazy over the blackout. Except in my neck of the woods, where we all just sat at a few bars that were still open and talked to each other. haha.

Sierra said...

Glad you are feeling better by now my love and if I liked coffee - you better believe I'd be getting that Pumpkin Latte!

Also - that sugar scrub looks delightful. DELIGHTFUL.


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