July 25, 2012

Jessica Alba - Girl Crush

My girl crush this month is none other than Jessica Alba.
We have agreed on the fact that we are allowed to have girl crushes...right?

I also blame my girl crush this month on the fact that I had my hair cut last week and I hate it. It looks healthy and it isn't too short, but it is just so not following my instructions. My hair doesn't listen to me. That's it. So, I am desperately trying to make myself happy by looking at gorgeous hair and well, Jessica does have gorgeous hair.
I prefer her though as a brunette. Do you?

all photos via Pinterest

Yes, I really prefer her as a brunette.
What do you think?

Hope you are having a fabulous day.
I definitely am having a splendid one.



Ann said...

Oh I love her fashion style...
but what I really like about her is her smile she has really nice teeth.

Leesh said...

I have a huge crush on Jessica Alba. She always looks great with her sunglasses and scarf. I really like her style too.

Krystal said...

she is gorgeous.

Meghan said...

I prefer her as a brunette, too!

Abbie said...

Jessica Alba is totally my girl crush too! She's absolutely gorgeous - definitely looks better as a brunette!

Ashley said...

I love Jessica Alba. She's one of my faves :)


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