July 2, 2012

Weekend Update

Ever since I returned from Istanbul I'm enjoying lovely Switzerland and its wonderful summer. Granted, there are moments I feel lonley and wonder if I made the right decision to come back over the summer, or to leave in the first place. Then there are moments that remind me that life's great no matter what, and that I will always belong here, no matter where I am. I'll return one day. I know that much.

This weekend, again, showed me life is beautiful and great.
Saturday, the annual Old Town Festival was happening here in Luzern, and that literally. And we were melting. It was extremely hot, and extremely sticky. Those cool drinks trying to help us weren't enough, so we kept refilling our water bottles everywhere we could. I think I never drank that much - water.
It was fun to enjoy a festival I've been going to for the past 26 years. To enjoy it with close friends is the best thing ever. If you were born in this city and you are not going to this festival because you don't feel like it, you are not from here. As simply as that. It is a must. If you happen to be on vacation and out of the country you are excused of course. :) Maybe. :) And if you're pregnant and about to pop a baby then yes, you are excused to.

Who turns down live music, people (young and old), friends and fun times down?! And all that for free?! Hardly anyone.

It was fun and I'm glad I went. Again.
I took mental pictures again...with fun stories to remember! :) 

picture via Twitter

Then of course, if you are following me on twitter you know that I've been watching soccer like a little maniac. Well, not that drastic but yes, I've been watching soccer. I apologize for any weird tweets you might have read especially if you are not familiar with this sport nor with the European touch to it. :) Let's just compare this summer's Championship to the American Superbowl. Sort of. But soccer is Europe's sport and when countries compete with each other it gets interesting.

Tolerance and Respect for Diversity were a huge deal this year (again, just like during the Soccer World Championship two years ago!!), and sometimes, some people do not get that.

*I know we all love it when our country plays and wins, and when our country loses it is no fun. But it doesn't mean you are allowed to grab chairs, tables and bikes and throw them around destroying whatever comes your way and even vandalizing a cop car. NO WAY. One night about two weeks ago it went askew so to speak. Luckily I was watching at home where I can open my mouth and curse at the screen and the opposite team/country. ;) I'd never get physical. It's a game. One wins, and one loses. That simple. Deal with it. Go home and cry. Don't destroy property because, really, it is not worth it.* 
had to add this sidenote

So proud to be living in this city....really, it's a total shame!

So yeah, this year's European Soccer Championship has been interesting.
My favorite team was Spain, from start to the end.
You may wonder why Spain.
Well, Switzerland wasn't playing. Sorry, but they can't play.
Then, Turkey wasn't playing either. Apparently they suck too.
And well, Spain...well, Spain...they are just good. Smooth, familiar, and fun to look at.
And they won the European Championchip four years ago, and the World Championship two years ago so naturally you know Spain plays well, you know their game is interesting to watch and some of the players (as a girl, it's obvious) are pretty easy on the eyes too.
So yeah, I was for Spain.

And who doesn't want to see history happen right in front of your eyes?! 

Needless to say, you may know who won already...I know.
I'm smiling...happily.
So excited and so happy.
And no I'm not Spanish, but "my" country won and that is all that matters to me.

Hope youre weekend was great.
Today I'm linking up with the following three blogs! :)

Happy Monday!


Sami said...

Wow sounds like a very cool weekend :) Thanks for linking up!

Swissy said...

Hey there girl, how have you been?
It's been bloody hot here lately, buuah. Me being 9 months pregnant...that's no fun ;)

I'm sad Croatia didn't make it on the EM, but oh well....

Hope you're having a good time back here in CH.

Enjoy the summer!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

You have the most fabulous life! I'm envious. ;)

And those athletes are so handsome...sigh.

Behold the Metatron said...

Spain is awesome. I still routed for Italy but I kind of have too... since I have Italian roots. But if Italy plays England I have the right to just go with the team that's winning!
YAY to being an American mutt! lol


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

That first picture is gorgeous! Why do you feel lonely? Because you're missing CA? Just live it up and soak it all in :)

And I LOVE sports but I hate people's attitude surrounding them. I've literally deleted people from facebook because of comments. And the rioting? SO STUPID!

Thanks for linking up with us :)

Jamie said...

Enjoy every moment in Luzern - it is an amazing place.

Tiffany said...

Visiting from Weekend Update! So jealous that you are in Switzerland. I visited my cousin who lives in Cully (between Geneva and Montreux on Lake Geneva) a couple of years ago and fell in love with the country. So beautiful!


Ashley said...

Spain is totally fun to look at! And they KICKED italy's ass...I've never seen such a high scoring game, I think!

Sam Morgan said...

I love festivals in the town where you're from. It just makes it feel good being home. We'll be missing all of the summer festivals back home, but we'll be there for the holidays, so I'll just be happy about that.

Krystal said...

i def turned the festival down, haha!! but i am not from here so it's ok, right?!

Ocean Dreams said...

Glad you enjoyed your soccer ;) ;) and that you had fun at the festival - I bet that is truly fabulous to experience.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

haha, yeah I've been seeing your soccer tweets!


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