July 4, 2012

Hello July

July started wet.
It is going to rain throughout the week. I am okay with that if temperatures stay as mild as they are at the moment. It is still summer, so it is natural that I want to enjoy warmer days but I also enjoy the fact that I don't need to change my clothes every hour because of the summer heat.
So please, July, keep it mild and slightly less rainy. Thank you.

In other news, I found a birthday gift for my friend...she is celebrating today.
Also, I have a feeling my friend's baby is about to say "hello" today or tomorrow.
I am so going to buy all of these.
Oh, and a new laptop was bought yesterday.
The old one died. Slowly; but he is now resting forever.

How has this week been for you?

And to all of my American readers...Happy Fourth Of July!!!!!!



Claire said...

we havent had a lot of rain in my corner of England, unlike places that have been flooded real bad. its been over cast and cloudy, and the few times it has rained it's really lashed down. today is glorious tho...i nearly said it was too hot but stopped myself!!

Ashley said...

When are you coming back to California?

Ann said...

It is also raining in our side of the world these days. But I love rainy days, time to take a break at home and catch up on my reading and watching movies I missed at the theater.

Have a wonderful day!

Ocean Dreams said...

Did your friend have her baby yet and sad about that laptop - hope you find a new one that's great. xo.


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