February 3, 2014

Facts about E-Cigarettes & What You Need to Know

Electronic cigarettes were invented in the 1960s but they have only recently become more popular. Today there are more than 250 brands of e-cigarettes from many websites including 21stCenturySmoke.com that have a variety of e-cigarettes to choose from. Amazingly enough The Tobacco Vapor electronic Cigarette Association estimates that about 4 million Americans use battery powered cigarettes and those sales will continue to rise. So what do you think of the e-cig trend and will you be trying it?


What are E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are battery operated nicotine inhalers that consists of a rechargeable lithium battery, a LED light and a cartridge. The caromizer, or cartridge is filled with an e-liquid that usually has chemical propylene glycol and nicotine and of course the flavoring of your choice. E-cigs work similar to small version of a smoke machine that comes from rock bands. A heat element essentially heats up the e-liquid until it produces vapor.


E-cigs are Much More Affordable than Cigarettes

If you’re wondering about the price comparison of e-cigs verses traditional cigarettes, starter kids are usually between $30 and $100. Traditional cigarettes cost more than $1000 a year if you use almost a pack a day of cigarettes. A replacement pack for e-cigs can cost up to $600, but this still does not add up to the $1000 and more spent on cigarettes a year. Let’s not forget the discount codes that you can use on electronic cigarettes only which will also help you reduce money. Weigh your options and also don’t forget the health risks, which are outlined next.


Health Risks

You’re probably also curious to find out if there are any health concerns with smoking e-cigs, and the truth is that at this time evidence is not conclusive. Obviously doctors will tell you that only breathing in fresh air is the safest way to care for your body, but keep in mind that electronic cigarettes are a lot healthier than traditional smoking. Traditional smoking can result in cancer, allows your loved ones to suffer from second hand smoke, ruins your home, and not to mention makes your clothing stink with smoke. Now which form of smoking seems healthier?!

So now that you know more about e-cigs what is your opinion on them and if you’re a smoker would you rather give e-cigs a try as a healthier alternative?

About the Author:  Sierra is a writer at Ocean Dreams blog and she enjoys writing about a variety of topics, including topics that help educate!

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Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Thank you Sierra for posted this. Also, these e-cigarettes have become more popular over the years even on college campuses. I had a student in my class smoke it DURING class...so yes.

Thanks again for posting. :)



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