February 8, 2014

Friday Fancies - February Theme

Valentine's Day Date 2014

This month's theme on Long Distance Loving is all about Valentine's Day.  
I never cared about Valentine's Day. Nothing has changed this year. I don't get this day. Yes, apparently it's a day lovers show their appreciation for one another because, well, they can't on any other day. Seriously. I don't like this day. Also, this day reminds me of my late cousin who sadly won't celebrate her 23rd birthday that day. So, no - Vday is not for me.

I have to admit I am going on a date this year...but that's about it. I will dress pretty much what I shared above because well, that's my style. I love pink, I love comfort...and black! :) Pink and Black go so well together, no?!

Happy weekend everyone!!!



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