February 24, 2014

Recap of two weeks....

Lunch at Cucina Enoteca is always fun.
My love for Italian food is endless. Unfortunately, when you are forced to live a gluten free life because otherwise you end up in pain 24/7, you are scared to go to Italian restaurants. Most places offer pasta, pizza, and some more pasta and pizza. I know for a fact that Italian food doesn't only consist of pasta and pizza, yet, some places think differently. Cucina Enoteca isn't fully Italian - it is Californian Italian. So I cheated. They have great appetizers and yes, even gluten free Penne available (upon request). I was a lucky girl!

Cucina Enoteca has two locations; one in Del Mar and one in Irvine. It opens up its third location in Newport Beach at Fashion Island this year - I am hoping sooner than later. If you want to experience a different kind of Italian but very close to Italian I recommend this restaurant.

I found a new tea store. At first I wasn't excited but then I saw the names of the teas available....I had to take a photo...I'd like the Mary Poppins Blend please! Plus I tried their teas and oh wow was I wrong. So good, and so different - did I mention they only sell tea leaves? Yes. So if you are a tea lover or know someone that is I say go check Lily Chai Tea out.

If you follow me on Instagram you saw this lovely and very rare photo of me (I am working on taking more me-pictures; promised).

I finally went to a blow bar and had my very first (yes yes) blow experience. ;)
According to this photo it was more of a curl experience but they still washed, dried, and styled my hair beautifully. I have lots of hair but thin hair so it's never fun for me to work on my own hair...having someone work on it who knows how was such a fun experience. I went to MyBlow L.A. and had a fabulous time.
Never mind the bathroom picture...after my fun blow experience I went out of town with my favorite person, so this was the only chance I got to take a selfie of me that captured my hair.

February in Southern California has been a mixture of hot and cold. Lately more of a warm up. In the mornings it is super freezing but once 11am hits it warms up quickly. As an avid school-goer I felt like wearing my favorite sweater, jeans, and grabbed my chucks for a chance. Also, never to be missed....my music, hence the cord you see. :) Ten minutes after this photo was taken I was happy to finally be closer to home and change into something lighter.


This has pretty much been my past two weeks. I also went to the dentist, splurged on shopping (new bag, new tops, new nails) and felt good afterwards. I haven't gone shopping in months (as in almost one fully year!). So, going out on my own, not looking at time and just browsing and looking for new tops and possible outfits felt great. I found what I was looking for.

As this month is coming to an end I have a few things to look forward to this week as well. I'm going to Vegas soon. Before that I will have a wonderful week with get-togethers, and no tests or homework that are due. I will be a happy girl!!!

Have a fabulous Monday everyone!

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Ashley said...

I was gonna say...I've heard of this place! I guess I should go to the one in del mar! :)

Krysten Gautreaux said...

I want to be in Cali for the winter. It has to be better than Wisconsin!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Ohhhh Italian food. It's so good!


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