February 1, 2014

Hello February!!!


Happy February!!!

This month will be a short one - only 28 days!

So much is happening this month.

** Valentine's Day Weekend I'm going away with my favorite person.
We both hate V-Day so this trip has nothing to do with the love day. Nothing.

** More job search - the main issue I have is to focus and find one.
My majors are so broad it's actually fantastic but at the same time I just can't pick an area.
Darn it. In the end, watch me, I'm going back to the hospitality industry....no no no.

** I want to change up my blog and its content. I have a feeling it's been just blahhhhh
Any ideas in that department? Please email or comment below.

** Las Vegas trip by the end of this month...I cannot wait.
I won't gamble nor go nuts in clubs because I hate clubs.
I am going to a concert I always wanted to go to (and no it's not Britney Spears!!)...
...will be in that city after a very very long time, and already found out that I cannot eat anything but mozzarella and tomato salad for my friend's birthday dinner...I feel unlucky - unless I win money and can order something for $40, then yes, no salad but a hot meal.

February will be fun but very short.
What about you?
Anything to look forward to?


Sarah said...

LOVE the idea of making a list at the beginning of the month! Jealous that you're going to LV! I've always wanted to go!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You're going to find a great job! Hang in there! Have you looked on usajobs.com


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