June 9, 2014

Alexis n Ryan Vintage Inspired Clothing Line

 Hi I’m Mree from Twin Living Blog.
I’m so excited to be guest posting for Selma while she moves.

Since Selma lives in California, I decided to create an outfit based 
on my favorite California brand, Alexis n Ryan. 
  Alexis n Ryan is a vintage inspired clothing line created by Brittany Saberhagen.  
Each piece is made of crepe and chiffon material (imported from India).  
How fantastic is this dress?? 
 It really is prefect for the summer.  Add some cute wedge heels, a jean jacket for those chilly evenings and you are ready to go.  The best thing about this outfit is it can easily go from day to night. Perfect!!

Thanks so much for having me Selma!!
 Hope your move goes well.
Have a very Happy Birthday!!

Thanks for reading, please stop by my blog to say hello.
I love meeting new blogging friends.

Best, Mree


Thank you Mree for your guest post while I am still settling in.

My birthday was fantastic even though I was driving about eight hours and unpacking afterwards.
Will be blogging sooooooooon again.
Miss you all.


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