June 24, 2014

The Time I (Almost) Lost My Patience

Hi my lovely readers,

I am back; at least for today. Bear with me. Thank you.
Before I tell you the story I'd like to point out that I am typing this from an open wifi connection I found on our property (given by our apartment community yet not necessarily with the best connection hence my non existing posts and comments). Also, I would like to point out that I handled it all sooooo very well.

May 23 I graduated and celebrated with close friends. I was also packing my belongings because I was soon about to move over 600 miles north to Sacramento. May 28 is when my big birthday weekend took place. Initially I wanted to invite people and get together but then thought - due to my move, my life changing decision to move in with my favorite person, and the apparent truth that I won't be seeing my mom and friends over the summer - it was better to keep the partying short, simple and only with close close friends. Also, if it would have been a big number to celebrate maybe I would have reconsidered.

Anyways, my birthday weekend was more like a week. We saw Maleficent at El Capitan, and let me tell you (and I'm sure I am so behind on this)...it was an amazing film. Angelina Jolie's performance was perfect and I am so glad my girls and I went out and saw it opening night! We also went out for lunches, dinners, cocktails (thank you Rooftop Lounge in Laguna Beach), brunches, bowling, movies and had a bitter sweet ending to it all.
It was a busy pre-Birthday combined with graduation, moving away, and happy future celebration...busy busy.


On my birthday I moved. Well, we moved.
It wasn't my favorite thing to do because not only did it involve driving 7-8 hours (waking up at 3 and leaving before 4am to not hit traffic with a trailer behind us) but it also involved moving furniture, realizing that I no longer was in a place with familiar stores and plazas, and that my life will be different.

I am so glad I had guest bloggers helping me out during this time.

I'd like to thank each and every contributor for their posts and appreciate their help.
Plus, I enjoyed reading the posts...so if you haven't read them yet, please hop on over and check out 

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Every move involves some kind of hardship. Not only is it a new place, but in our case also a new city/area and we had and still have to get used to it all. Things need to get organized, changed, and we need time to settle in...etc etc. Everything worked out well BUT the internet and TV connection. As of right now, we are still not having either installed, and the way it looks it may never happen. They called and said tomorrow between 10-12 but I only believe it when I see a channel finally flickering on our TV and me using my laptop from somewhere in our apartment. Only then can I breathe and smile again. Kidding, I'm breathing and smiling but not having tv and internet for an entire month can be frustrating. I never thought it would feel this bad but yes it is. 

The only company that works in our area has the most impossible and seriously worst customer service. They have an issue. Literally. Today marks week four going into five of an hopeful installation. Again, I only believe it when I see it. I mean, wtf?!?????

Not only did we miss out on tv (yes redbox and our DVDs helped a little), we also missed out on the internet. The hotspot thing on our phones only does little work, and I wasn't willing to walk 30 minutes to Starbucks to get free wifi (if working) just to check mails, update everything, and apply for jobs. I was devastated. Also I lost touch with the outer world. Hahahahaha!! My mom sent me updates on soccer scores, and occasional other news. My phone was too small to check news, updates or read blogs; let alone apply so I can finally earn some $$$$$.

Last week I hit my low point. I was ready to go off in flames. Explode. This weekend I wrote and orally practiced (yes yes! - I am a nerd) a whole written speech and statement to this company. I am going to (again) complain about the poor and unprofessional service we have been dealing with and given. I want compensation. If they come in tomorrow (yes if) and it all gets installed I will be surprised. If they show up tomorrow, and still have the nerve to charge us something for this month my patience will be gone. Let me rephrase, no matter where you live and read this you will hear me scream!!!!!

I have patience. I have real strong patience. I could have exploded the first week, or the second or the third. But I did not. Today? My patience is gone. I'm holding off from exploding. I handled it well so far but truth be told, I can't hold it in any longer. I'm done. If need be I'm working my butt off to talk to the founder of this unprofessional company or someone wayyyyy up there because I do not tolerate any more waiting. I simply do not. Not fair to us, not fair to friends, family, and holy cow, not fair to any future prospective customer of theirs. 

So my lovely readers...have I lost you?
I probably have. I needed to vent, I needed to share and most importantly I needed to reconnect. Well, still do.

If I still have your attention I thank you.
My regular posts will be up soon again...once our month-long dilemma of no internet will be resolved. In the meantime, stop by Instagram or Twitter...and keep in touch.

Miss you all,


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