June 25, 2014


My lovelies,

I have so much to tell you.
Yet this has to wait for another time.
Today I am hoping to get a real, working, no-issue added internet connection installed as well as real, no-issue, fine-working TV channels showing up in our small but cozy apartment. Fingers crossed. Toes crossed, too. It's been horrendous, and it's been frustrating. Quite frankly, I also believe having had this many issues with just one company alone has tested both, my favorite person and my own patience. If we could have we would have switched a long time ago. Unfortunately, we were forced to choose them and only them and it's made our new life here in NorCal unpleasant. 

Let's hope for a better month of July. A much happier, too. :)
I can guarantee a happier one!!

For once...we are planning on visiting SoCal soon.
I am also invited to my friend's Bridal Shower in L.A. but have yet to figure out if I can go (fingers and toes crossed again, please!)
Plus, July - besides June of course - is my favorite month. It calls for BBQs, water fun, picnics, outdoor movie theaters, cold drinks, colorful outfits, and of course lovely moments. Love is definitely in the air my readers...may it be in my life, in yours, in someone else's or just in general...love is in the air!! So go out and smile at someone, that's already part of "love". 

I'm going to do just that...after the internet is hopefully installed.

Have a great day!!!


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