June 9, 2014

The Eagle Has Left the Nest ....

Hi everyone, I am Marjan.
I have been procrastinating! This is not an easy post for me. I will try my best to be short and sweet. It all started after Selma's initial visit with us where she accompanied us to 13Bedar (getting Rid of the 13th) for the last day of the Persian New Year after which we went to Sushi!

                                                                                                             April 2009

Well, Selma was just visiting back then. I kept bugging her and asking her when she would come back. One day, she said that she would be visiting again and she came to Orange County and stayed with us. Soon after she came to stay and go to school! Here is a picture from the day we picked her up and headed to Laguna Beach! You gotta take a Suncravingirl to the beach to get some sun!

This girl and I have been through so much together from getting yelled at a the supermarket for not using a divider to testing all sorts of nail designs we find on Instagram! Now, the time has arrived and the Eagle Has Left the Nest =(
Selma, you do NOT know how much I appreciate you! You have always been there for me and I truly am grateful...you were like my live-in therapist LOL. I only hope that I was able to do the same.

I can go on forever, but I will not! Instead, I will bombard you with amazing photos because I loooove to take pictures!


She lets me take crazy pictures and try new angles.....


She went apartment hunting with me EVERY year even though I never moved........

She helped me set up my Twitter account, my MaryKay With Marjan and my Blog =)

MOST important of ALL ... She loves her little furnephews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And let me tell you! They miss their Auntie Selma!

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