June 26, 2014

On Friendship


Over time you start noticing that some people just aren't worth it anymore!


I found this quote on Pinterest but without a source so if you ever come across the source let me know.
Maybe it's just something someone once said, in a conversation, rather than some major philosopher. 
Either way, it is fitting.
Don't worry, my favorite person and I are still together.
We are happy. We make it work.
I cook. He cleans. He cooks. I clean.
Very simple. Ha!

We all live different lives.
I have a diverse group of friends.
There's the good old Americans, the born and raised Californians, the born and raised American from the South, the Persians, the Europeans, the Turkish, the religious, the non-religious, the slack-offers, the determined ones, the enthusiasts, the creative ones, the famous ones, the inspiring ones, and the traditionalists.
It's a mix of everything and everyone.

Some of my friends get along with others and some just don't.
That is completely fine.
The ones I thought would get along, or I thought I would still get along with just do not work together. 
I made the decision to move on and live my life according to my standards.
I tolerate other people's paths, standards, morals, and what not so I would like to get the same respect in return. That is all I am asking for. I don't want to hear nasty remarks that are halfway muffled down one's throat that just make me question my friendship. I don't want to hear "oh let's get together more often because I miss doing this" and then nothing happens but a huge walk (and probably also talk) behind my back. I tried to ignore it but it hurt.
For my birthday weekend I made the effort but that one remark just had me say NO. 

I respect the friends I have chosen to keep in my life.
I tolerate their lifestyle, and their being so to speak.
We may not always see or hear from each other on a regular basis, and we may have our differences, our fights, and we may even disagree at times but that is very normal. 
We are all adults, and we should accept one another just the way we are. 
Do not try to change me and do not make me feel bad for following my heart, and my intuition. 
That is all I am asking for.

I am blessed to call friends family.
Blog friends have also become friends in real life whether very close or not, it is better than what I went through for the past year. I won't shut that person from my life, but I won't tell that person about my biggest moments in life either. I would rather share the news on the blog...literally.

Anyways, that's my thought of today.
Friendships are needed.
I miss my friends in Europe, and I miss my friends in Southern California (sans one of course).
You have no idea how much.


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