June 2, 2014

Happy Birthday to me! :)


Today is my birthday.
I am a total June Baby and I am loving it.
My birthday has always felt so special to me.
I felt the most beautiful and most confident on my very special day.
This year, it is a little different.
I am moving today, and moving on my birthday was not really on the menu yet I am doing this.
Also, since it is Monday I realized that there is no point for me to wait until tomorrow to move.
Everyone's working or studying today, so while I am off I better get moving.

Stay tuned from an update by moi - probably via Instagram.
While you are reading this I am traveling/moving away from Southern California.
Once I enter my destination I will sit down and celebrate...with some bubbly and real food.
Until then, road food will be fine...some gluten free chips, veggies, fruits and lots and lots of water.
That's really not how I wanted to spend my actual birthday but it will be a fun experience.


Happy Birthday to me.
I'm one year wiser, one degree heavier, and one move more experienced :)

Have a fantastic day!!!


P.s. I'm linking up with Leeann and Kimberlee for Monday Morning Gossip aka MMG
P.s.s. I also have HUGE news to tell you all! HUGE.


Lin said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope the moving went well :)

Amy Powell said...

happiest of birthdays to you! hope the move is going well & that you're set up in no time!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!


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