August 18, 2014

Missing Southern California

Early August it was time for us to hop into one car and drive 7+ hours south to Los Angeles. The excitement I felt prior to our departure is indescribable. Packing was no fun, but to know that I will be in an area where I feel home and safe was needed. It was time to rejuvenate. We both needed that. Also, it was time for me to pack up more of my belongings and completely move up north. As of a few days ago I officially moved to Sacramento. Yay. 

I drove most of the time down which was a pleasure for me. The second we drove closer to Los Angeles I got excited. I might have yelled out a few signs and locations that were dear to me and meant I finally arrived home. During our trip we both understood what we had been missing, and how much we had longed for this place. I always told him that Southern California will be in our hearts and souls, and that no matter where we end up going we will miss it. He always disagreed with that; until we drove into Los Angeles. His mind was set to moving back and finding a job down south once we will be done with our education. Really looking forward to that. Until then, we will visit often and it will feel fabulous.

I missed these doggies. Aunty Selma was greeted with love and kisses, and some slobber. I enjoyed my snuggle time with them. It is funny how much I had missed the company of a dog, or a pet in general. We have no pets in Sacramento {yet} so this was long overdue!


My friend performed at the Improv so it was a must to show up and cheer. It was a fun night filled with jokes, laughter, good drinks, and a clapping crowd. Also, and so not related to the Improv, I love my new made for me!

Eating is one of my favorite activities. Exploring new places, or going back to old favorites was one huge highlight during my ten-day vacation. Also, yes, I ate that bread and it was delicious. I also paid for it later on that day when my stomach rebelled. I was so hoping it was gluten free. In fact I tried to convince myself it was gluten free even though I knew it wasn't. Bread simple is made out of wheat flour, unless otherwise stated.
In short, I ate a ton; no wonder my pants won't fit me anymore. I kept my photos to a please use your bright imagination, I know you can!


A trip to the beach was on our list as well. Plus, a trip to Gelato Paradiso in Laguna Beach after the beach was also a must. Neither disappointed.

I consider these people my family. We may disagree, we may frown, but we also laugh, share, and love. I am so glad I had the opportunity to see and spend time with them during my stay. We shall see each other soon again. I promise. And yes, I am the one on the far left - wearing my very comfortable Kate Spade sunglasses; it was a sunny day in Santa Monica!

Hope you enjoyed my little recap. It was wonderful, and I cannot wait to go back!  

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Elle Sees said...

i haven't been to CA in 5 years! i need a trip asap!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Makes me want to go to CA again!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I WANT that tumbler!! Where did you find it? So cute!

The good thing is you both have friends/family here so you can visit anytime :)

Thanks for linking up for MMG!

Unknown said...

Aw glad you had a great weekend! I'll have to check out that gelato place since my sis is not far from Laguna.

Thanks for linking up with MMG :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Yay! I'm glad you got to go down and have some fun!


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