August 21, 2014

You Only Live Once

Happy late Thursday everyone!
Also, happy early weekend. It will be a busy weekend for my favorite person and I. We will explore the surrounding areas again, and hopefully experience a fun weekend. I'm so thrilled. We might have spent time away in Orange County {with me three days/nights away from him} but we still need to get out of our apartment more often and explore NorCal. Granted, by being homebodies we save money, and drama...but our tiny place cannot offer what the world has to offer. We only live once...we gotta lick the bowl. Trust me I am starting to lick {or shall I say devour} more and more. Sugared or not. ;)

Have a great weekend.
See you all Monday.

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Elle Sees said...

excellent sentiment! happy weekend to USSS!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You should visit the Auburn Bridge. It's been in tons of movies and it's free to visit! It's not far!

Laura Darling said...

Hope you had a great weekend!!!


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