August 7, 2014

Rainbow Sandals

A little bit of Southern California had to come with us to the Sacramento Area. My friend M. gave me an Orange County Starbucks mug which is one way to brighten my dull mornings. Nothing beats Rainbow Sandals though. I always wanted a pair but never got around to it. So, for my birthday I got my first pair of fabulous and comfortable Rainbow Sandals. Plus, my favorite person is from San Clemente, so we brought a little bit of home with us. Besides getting engaged, this was the best gift ever.

I have to say I love these. It took a while until they fit my feet, but now these sandals are mine and they fit perfectly. Plus, best part of these sandals {in my own sole opinion} is that they will forever be under warranty until they have worn through anywhere on the top or bottom layer of the sole. Usually my sandals wear out quickly, so far they still look like brand new. Plus, yes, these were not just ten bucks - he bought them for about $34 a pair give or take {they had a sale going on}. Granted, not exactly cheap. Yet, since they last so long it was well spent money. Also, if you buy it straight in San Clemente from the shop itself you will pay much less than when you order online, or find the sandals somewhere else. We found that out the other day. Anyways, I thought I'd share with you my love for my sandals.I could not be happier with my pair!

Do you own a pair?
If so, like or dislike?!

image via pinterest


Mree said...

I have always wanted to try a pair but haven't got around to it. Love a good flip flop.

Ashley said...

Yes, Rainbow is a california staple. I've had my pair for like 5 or 6 years!!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I use to have a pair and they were the best! Enjoy them!


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