August 15, 2014

Wedding Inspiration #2

Our wedding will be anything but traditional. It will be quick, short, and simple; only very close family and friends will attend - we will have less than 20 people attend. Yes, THAT small of a big day!! :) And, it will be sooner than anticipated.
Am I ready for this? I think so. What is there not to be ready for? I will be marrying my best friend, the one I share anything and everything with, the one I can be myself with, and the one that accepts me for who I am and what I do. Can't complain. Can't complain at all.

Now, having a small intimate wedding doesn't mean boring; and it shouldn't be boring. It also shouldn't be overwhelming. It should be filled with things any bride {or groom} wants to have on that special day, and it should show some personality. I went through millions of websites to get hints or ideas on what to do when it comes to a small wedding. There isn't a lot on what not to do, or on what to do but there are definitely a few things that I have come across everyone agreed on having - small wedding or not. 

Wedding Favors
Big weddings, with bridesmaids, and groomsmen, and flower girls and what not usually have more than just one favor. It usually begins when you enter the venue. You have signs up {apparently, some say it's decoration, others say it's part of the favors}, name tags {a favor actually}, cookies, candies, jars, and what not. Tables are decorated, chairs are colorful, the music in the background, the lights and what not. It's part of decoration, and also part of those favors. Quite interesting.

Now, smaller weddings...they shouldn't lack favors. In fact, they should actually pay attention to the favors. In our case, we want it simple, and we have a budget we really don't want to go over unless it is very very necessary. I feel like a bag of colorful almonds is just boring. Besides, my future mother-in-law is allergic to ALL nuts, so that is already a no go. So I browsed around and came up with a few ideas:

Personally, I love wedding favors. Since our wedding will be very simple I want this tiny, cute touch added to our big day. Details are important here. Everyone driving to see us get hitched and spending time with us that day should end up going home with a little thank you resembling the two of us. I want it personalized without the super duper personalized touch. Does this make sense? 

Believe it or not, I have the favors done...well, in theory. Now I have to go out and prepare it all. No biggie!!!

I almost forgot a bride holds a bouquet. Yes, I forgot. My future mother-in-law mentioned it and I was like "oh yeah,....". Oops!!!! I mean, I just didn't think it was important when you say I Do in front of a lovely judge. Literally. Well, then...let's discuss flowers because I am not a flower girl.

I really don't know. Do I really have to have a bouquet? 

You know what my biggest concern is?
Getting the right shoes to the dress I already have. Yes. It is that dramatic. I sent photos to three of my best friends and two of them chose the one pair I hate the most. I didn't want to go out and buy a new pair of shoes but it turns out I should do so. Also, my favorite person needs to be dressed. When it comes to fashion he is not fully into it. Granted, he has his moments and appreciates a great pair of shorts that goes beautifully with his favorite shirt. Yet, now, when it comes to our big day I know for a fact I need to dress him. That will be fun. For me; not so much for him. He will be dragged around until we get everything done...from tie to socks and shoes, and in between with shirt, dress pants and what not. A guy needs to look his part, too.

I am excited and I am a little nervous.
All I know is that our special day will be beautiful!

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Why Girls Are Weird said...

I don't think you need flowers if you don't want them. I almost didn't have them, but Iz always gets me ranunculus so I decided I really wanted to add that.

I was also nuts about shoes. I ended up buying 3 different pairs before settling on the ones I wore hehe.

I am so so psyched for you. You're going to make a beautiful bride.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I say go for the shoes you love! Not the ones your friends love. I think a wedding that small would be amazing to personalize!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

How exciting! The good thing about an intimate wedding is it's more meaningful to the guests. It's YOUR day, but with less people they'll feel special as well. Plus it should make budgeting easier, bc wedding are crazy expensive! So sad. I love all of these pictures. So pretty!


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