August 1, 2014

Today, I miss Switzerland!

Happy Birthday Switzerland!!!

Happy August!!
It's Switzerland's birthday today.

I would normally spent time with friends and family, eating yummy food but not today.
However, it is Friday - so, I can easily create a little patio BBQ at home.
I can dress up in red and white {Switzerland's colors are red and white, and please don't mix them up with the colors of the RedCross} and still come up with some bubbly, salads, meat, and veggies. Our BBQs aren't much different than American BBQs. 

Hope you are having a fabulous day today!
I am posting this I can go out and grocery shop, dress up and celebrate a little.
Plus, a few skype dates are in order as well.

Happy 1st of August!!!!


Mree said...

Happy Birthday Switzerland!! One day I would love to visit there! Have a great weekend!!

Ashley said...

After visiting once, I miss Switzerland!


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