August 19, 2014

Wedding Inspiration #3

When it comes to weddings it is usually all about the bride. Her dress, hair, nails, make-up, and shoes are very important on that beautiful day. However, that is not all. The groom's outfit is just as important. I believe in details, and they especially come in handy when it comes to his outfit.

Today, my favorite person and I are going shopping - it is his day. We will not stop until he is comfortable in whatever he is wearing. I am excited to see what he chooses. We decided to do this together because I am more into fashion than he is, and also because he needs someone by his side to make sure he doesn't end up walking into GameStop at some point. Just saying.

We both looked at photos to get ideas, and he seemed interested in something less traditional that still showed a hint or two of tradition. Ha, easier said than done. I personally like the first idea but I am biased, it is after all purple. It would go well with my dress that is for sure, since my dress is anything else than traditional white {yes, you read right, it may not be white - but I won't spoil the fun here}. The third one is also on my "like list" and the seventh one as well. There is just something beautiful about a rustic wedding theme. Also, since we live in the wine country, we better have something rustic going on at our wedding.

What do you think? 
Traditional? Less, and more rustic? Or a combination of all of it?

We shall see what we come up with today. One thing is for sure, it will be a long shopping day for him. I'm sorry honey, you wanted to look perfect {and you should}, so that is what we girls do on a daily will get over this day, trust me!


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amanda @ as the wine cork turns said...

eeeeeeeeeek! i love wedding talk haha. i LOVE the purple. we are doing lighter shades of purple for ours. hope it all went great :)


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