September 2, 2016

Happy Friday & Happy September!

Happy Friday everyone.
Oh, and yes, happy September, too. To me, fall has officially started. I know, I know it is not official until close to the end of this month but to me fall starts on September 1. That's it. I can't wait for cooler weather, rain, pumpkins, wearing scarves, wearing socks, layering up, and drinking hot drinks without getting hot flashes. It's still warm here so I am only dreaming about fall but I know it is slowly approaching.

Today, I decided to finally link up with some awesome bloggers again. I haven't done this in weeks, or months?! Life took over and sometimes it is just not fun to schedule posts ahead of time because they won't reflect what's going on in my life. So, here I am today...sharing with you what made me happy this week and linking up with Krysten, Lindsay, and Charlotte. Join the fun and say hello!

1 - New semester began {meaning, B is closer to the end of his ordeal}
2 - Eye infection is slowly coming to an end {hallelujah!!}
3 - No more cable fees
4 - Projects
5 - Evening walks to walk off dinner
6 - Our loud next door neighbors have moved out!
7 - Red nail polish
8 - Found two new recipes
9 - NingXia Red
10 - Blush

This week wasn't very spectacular. College finally started again and B had to attend his classes. Poor guy is so over school. That's what you get when you choose a field that requires so much work and so many classes, and hours, and what not. Almost done. Almost. We had a setback in that department though as one class didn't let him in. Graduating or not, they do not care. I won't get into this but man, the school system is oh-so flawed!
In other news, it has cooled down which allows us to sit on our patio and walk at night again {or in the morning!}. I don't want to jinx it but we are out of the triple digits. This also means cooler days are coming our way, and with school having started, the cold and flu season is around the corner as well. I am helping my whole body be prepared for what may come our way. Prevention is everything. I've been drinking my morning antioxidant immune booster for weeks, and I am loving it and can feel a huge difference to the days when I forget to drink it. I have more energy, don't get that afternoon slump anymore, and my joints don't hurt as much either. Oh, and my gluten belly is taken care of as well...heck, my issues are barely noticeable. I'm a much happier girl, trust me. And happiness is all I want in life. How can one be happy when the whole body is sick? Exactly, not! So, I'm taking care of that on a daily basis. Hope you are doing the same!

With that, I'm ready to tackle Friday and the weekend!! Blush always makes my rather pale self cuter {I have a tan I swear but it's literally unnoticeable}, and a glass of wine for dinner is always a great choice! :)

Happy Friday, happy September, and happy early Labor Day!


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The Flynnigans said...

Have your neighbors really and truly moved out?! WHAT??!!! We're they kicked out? Lol

I cannot believe your eye is still infected. :-( Bleh!!

Happy (long) Labour Day Weekend. :) xoxox


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