July 5, 2009

Sunday Morning Rain Is Falling...Or Not

Took these two pictures last night around 9.30pm while walking over one of our bridges.
The sky was breathtakingly beautiful with dark pink clouds hovering above the city.
My camera was at home but my cellphone managed to take some pictures. I changed the colors in these photos because I felt like it, but the city and its quay still look amazing. Timeless.

Have an outstanding Sunday.
I'll be working again, trying to recover from last night's celebration. No big party was held but I went out with my best friend for some chitchats and red wine. Perfect evening, even though now I'm just tired. Thank you though, girl.


Jessica said...

Hey there. I was just blogwalking when I came across your lovely blog.

EUROPE is lala love! :)

Carol said...

Those are lovely pictures


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