June 8, 2010

Love it, Miss it

Today, I don't feel like writing.
It's one of those days that make me think a lot...ponder why I've done all the things in my life and where they led me. If I hadn't done this or that, something else would have happened and today would not be today; today would not even be happening or it would but in a very different way. I don't regret most of my actions, but some I do regret. So now I'm paying for it. It could be worse, it could also be a lot better. I'm working on happiness coming my way. We all deserve some every once in a while, at least twice a day. :)

I know I'm not alone feeling this way.
It's alright to feel it.
It's part of life, it's part of every single breath we take each day.
Without this emotion we cannot be, we will not be.
We need this. Sometimes we wish it would not approach us. But it does.
Life is a weird thing.
Time is incredible.
I love every day no matter how awful it turns out to be.
Each day I miss myself, the person I used to be and the one I would love to be again.
One day I'm sure. It just has to be.

 all pictures via we ♥ it

All these pictures just made me realize I didn't share my NYC pics with you.
Will do so once I feel like it, ok?!

Have a splendid day.

♥ Selma ♥


Meghan said...

You are right - we all feel this way, and I know I constantly question where I've been and where I'm going. I do know that I am trying to do a better job of "living in the moment", but sometimes it's hard.

And hi. I love NYC with a fierce passion. Love these pics.

samnhal said...

I love New York. Selma, come fly to Utah, pick me up, and lets go to New York. I know how you feel. Sometimes it's hard, if you miss the old you, be the old you. Just start being what you miss about yourself. It can't magically happen, you have to be the change. Does that make any sense?

Neely said...

I so love NYC

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm feeling the exact same way. Can't wait to see your photos.

OceanDreams said...

NYC is SO amazing and I hope you are feeling better today girl!


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