June 28, 2010

Bummer and Hooooorray!!!

Happy Monday!
How was your weekend?!

Mine was great.

Saturday...festival was awesome...lots of sunshine, lots of people, great music, fun discussion with an Aussie guy about soccer, bad cellphone reception (total chaos when so many try to get in touch with everyone around...worse than on New Year's Eve!), and just a nice day and night to remember.
Unfortunately, soccer wasn't on our side and the US lost! My mom updated me every time something happened. And well, her last text said "sorry". No further words were necessary.

Sunday I was determined to stay home. And I did. I slept in till 11 or something and then stayed on my balcony and soaked up the sun. ;) Had coffee and brunch, watched Pretty Little Liars, painted my toenails, chilled on the sofa, took a nap and at 4pm I watched soccer. I wanted to do this and I knew I was going to do this. It was sooooooo worth it!!!
Let me get one thing straight: I cannot stand soccer. I know the rules and all, would not be able to explain it to you and some of my knowledge might be a bit rusty but still...I cannot stand that game. I think it's funny to see men running after a ball and all but it's what's been keeping people around the world busy and it's one game I can tolerate on a hot Sunday afternoon when there's really nothing else I wanna do. Reason I wanted to watch the game on Sunday afternoon...was two things: one, Germany was playing (and yes, now everyone knows I favor them! - might be my 1/4 of German blood running through my veins!) and two...to see David Beckham from time to time just sitting and cursing and being all serious and hot is just worth it. :) Germany won (thank you!, sorry everyone else!), and I'm happy about this. Now let me tell you another thing...as much as I love to watch the German team play well and so smoothly (because they can play!!!!!, not like other teams that have no sense in direction or knowledge about the word teamwork) I don't want them to win the World Cup. I just want someone new to win it this time. Not even Argentina...just someone knew, something no one expects! We'll see how that goes. My fingers are crossed for whoever gets to play in the finals and then wins!!!

Now, Monday...five more days and I can relax again. Finally. It's about time.
I need a vacation. I'm more than just exhausted it's not even funny anymore.
I never thought I'd say this but working this much is not for me. Working this massive amount of days with this massive amount of bitterness in the air is just not right for me. I'd rather be not working and enjoying life as it is precious than having to deal with sick me. And sick me is not fun. Never is and never will be.

Happy Monday everyone!!!
I'm counting down the days!

♥ Selma ♥


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Yay! It sounds like you had a great time at the festival. I was totally bummed out that we lost the game too!

angela.kolachny said...

I <3 Aussie guys AND their cute accents:o) how fun!

I don't like soccer either BUT I do love watching the World Cup (USA lost, boo)

Katie said...

I wish we had as many festivals here as there are there!

samnhal said...

Only 5 more days, yahoo!! I'm not a huge soccer fan, but you gotta watch during the world cup..even though I haven't watched really at all, because every time the US has played I have had something to where I am no where near a tv while they played. oh well, maybe I can watch the finals or something.

Kristin said...

I'm so sorry that you have it so tough right now. Here is to your vaycay getting here sooner rather than later!


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