June 7, 2010

the pizza, the closet and the weekend

It's officially Saturday to me...and yes, I know it's Monday. Working in my field I get easily confused and sometimes don't recall the weekday or so. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it just sucks because it seems life's about to slip away and I'm not living it.
How was your weekend?! Hope y'all had a blast!

 The best thing ever of my work weekend was that we ordered pizza at work. Yes. We don't get to have breaks, so we're basically working nine hours straight. Sure, we get to drink and eat if we want to but it's more like snacking or quickly gulping down stuff because we're always on-call and never able to sit down in silence without a phone or client nearby. So yesterday, out of the blue, we decided to have pizza for dinner. It was a quiet day so we worked on a lot but still were so tired we couldn't do all we wanted. :( I think when you're bored the most or just tired the most the most funny ideas pop up and voila...it happened to us. So I sent my trainee out to get a pizza from next door's restaurant. They have amazing ones and we felt like having one. We spoiled ourselves with a wonderful Parma ham and onion pizza...all thin just the way we like it here...and lucky us, we never got disturbed. Yes.

The worst thing happening this past weekend was my closet dying. Yes, sounds weird but it's broken...into pieces and all my clothes are out on the floor because I have nowhere to put them right now. I might be able to fix my cute little closet (ok, I will have someone do it for me) and if this is not possible I need to find a good and cheap replacement. Plus, my room's so tiny it's very hard to make that all happen...it might as well become my project for June. Any ideas on how to create a closet out of nothing (so far), with a low budget and hardly any space? I wish I had an extra room so then this wouldn't even be worth discussing...but I don't have an extra room for my stuff...so yeah! :(  Any idea is welcome.

So, now I'm basically dreaming of good food, a dream closet, and ways to enhance my weekend. I slept in so that's a wonderful start. And, since it's rainy outside I'm going to the movies. Do I have to mention which movie I'm gonna watch?! Nope. I'm sure some of you can easily guess which one I'm talking about.

all pics via we ♥ it

Happy Monday!


♥ Selma ♥


Mara said...

sigh I've been dreaming of the same! And pizza sounds amazing right now :) Have a great monday selma!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That pizza looks yummy! It sounds like your bar broke in the closet. I'm sorry. That sucks! I had that happen once.

I love that SATC picture!

samnhal said...

We actually don't have a closet in our bedroom. The owners put a wardrobe in there that doesn't hold much, and then we have a dresser, but what holds most of our clothes is a garment rack. You can find them for pretty cheap usually, I don't know if you have a wal-mart by you or not, but they have them for cheap there. We have ours in a closet actually that's just long enough for it. Good luck fixing it.

Kelly said...

Yummmm, that pizza looks sooo tasty. I have leftover pizza in our fridge that I can't wait to eat tonight, haha :-D

That SUCKS about your closet!! Mine did that once in high school and I couldn't believe the HUGE mound that comes from a closet full of clothes, hah!

Hope you're having a great day, girl!!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

wait is that actually your room because if so, i love it!

Meghan said...

That pizza looks incredible. And I would kill to have that closet!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

That pizza looks amazing! Even though I just ate dinner and am full, I could totally have that pizza! Hope you're having a great day!

Kristin said...

Ohhhhhh, to have a dream closet. I'd settle for a normal walk in. My closets are pitifully small!

Farah said...

Love this, great post. Nice blog, just found it now!!



Iva said...

that pizza looks incredible!! SO GOOD!

OceanDreams said...

that pizza looks soooo good, glad you got a little treat at work! What did you think of SATC2 girl and how is the closet? Looking better?


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