June 30, 2010

Number 7 *yes, the month!*

Holy???!!! July?!
Didn't I just write something about mid-June?! Insane.
Time sure flies and honestly, it scares me. A lot. Positively and negatively.
July?!! How come this month is here already? Wow.

So, with a new month starting...here's what's been keeping me entertained (good and bad vibes!)
  • World Cup (hello Spain!!!!!; glad you're back and please keep being as awesome as you've been over the years)
  • Summer heat. It's finally here.
  • My upcoming trip
  • True Blood, Season 3 (hello Eric!!!)
  • Time away from work (so needed)
  • My shampoo and body lotion both making me smell like a huge coconut
  • TV series keeping me entertained. As much as I would like to deny it I am hooked on stupid TV. Never wanted to be but it just so happened. It keeps me sane and it's what's needed.
  • Allergies (they suck, big time)
  • TV series keeping me entertained. Life happens out there not inside the house. However, life at the moment is lonely and quite boring so I am just keeping me busy
  • Work.
  • Bad weather throughout May and June (until the heatwave kicked in - hello 90s!)
  • My left leg (hurts like hell at times...)
  • Big city; can't stand living in a small town
  • My age (and yes I know we are as old as we feel and I don't feel at all like #$%$#; I just feel weird)
  • Missing fun, daily plans, friends, and spontaneity

Yes, every day is a  new day. Even July 1st. Wow.
This is coming from me?!
What happened? Don't worry, my weird summer misery is still lingering around (pissing me off every now and then) but it's all good. I'm trying to stay as positively as even possible because my vacay is about to start...two more days and I'm done!! At least for the next almost 20 freakin' days! I'm stoked!!

And today I'm going to enjoy this very nice July 1, 2010..even at work before the heat starts to annoy us because after 10am it's unbearable. And have I ever mentioned (I'm sure I have) we have no AC!! Oh, and no fan either. ;) YES.

Happy Thursday!

♥ Selma ♥


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I can't believe it's already July!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

So. I left a comment but not sure if it posted. So if there's 2, so sorry! BUT I said that I cannot believe it's already July and it's scary how fast time is flying!

Meghan said...

Umm, True Blood. Yes please!

samnhal said...

That's exactly what our weather did. Cold and practically snowing and then BAM the 90s. It's been so hot here lately. We need an awesome thunderstorm to cool things down, but sigh, it will be hot here until September. I know, July, Right? How weird is that. June just flew by. Yay for only 2 more days. Only 20 more days until my vacation woohoo! It seems like it has been forever until my vacation, but now it's almost here, yay!


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