April 23, 2014

Just Stop Smoking!

Remember the guest post I had on here a few weeks ago?

I wasn't sure whether or not to allow such a guest post on my blog. I was hesitant I have to admit that. I also told this to my lovely friend Sierra. However, at the same time I thought that whether or not I think it's a suitable topic it is a topic that is current. I go to school and I see at least five people smoking e-cigarettes. I even had students in my class that smoked. YES, they did. I cannot believe it. I also cannot believe that the professors didn't do anything. Maybe they didn't see it; who knows.

Regardless of whether or not you smoke, hate or tolerate it....I thought today was a good day to catch up on that post and add some of my thoughts to it. Why? Because it's a topic that has become an everyday issue, or something we encounter every single day (not saying it's an issue per se, but it is current and needs to be addressed).

Wherever I go now I see signs like the above ones. It used to be Smoke-Free only, and now, baaaam, it's all Smoke and Vapor-Free. I don't mind. I don't smoke. I hate smoking. My mom smokes, my friends smoke hookah and well, I don't. However, yes, secondhand smoke it oftentimes even worse. Sadly.

Honestly? Just don't smoke. I can't stand the cigarette smoke, or the vapor smoke (whether or not it's oh so flavorful), or hello, I can't even stand the hookah smoke (and if you are into grass...then just don't get me started). If you must smoke please don't blow it onto and into my face, don't brag about it, ask before you do, and just have some common sense and tolerate other human beings around you. I like the fact that they are banning it more and more. Shopping Centers have started it, I hope schools will follow soon. I understand that people have the need to smoke. I see it in my mom, I see it in my friends. So be it. Just do it at home if you must. It is a proven fact that smoking deteriorates health. Plus, last week at midnight on Saturday a Public E-Cigarette Ban went into effect in Los Angeles. I was excited. 

Sounds harsh? Maybe.
I'm sorry if you smoke and spend hundreds of dollars for something I don't like at all. However, I tolerate you and your vice as much as I would want you to tolerate me and my opinion. Thank you.

Have a fantastic Wednesday everyone!



Ashley said...

Well isn't this post a nice reminder? ;)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I am a NON Smoker and I was at a party once where someone smoked the vapor cig all night long and kept blowing the huge smoke into everyone's face. I hate that!

Christina said...

Who blows smoke or vapor in someone else's face? What a moron! I hate smoking too. Thankfully, Washington has banned it almost everywhere, including parks and colleges, and in some places even walking and smoking is against the law.


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